National Film Registry —————————————— whys & wherefors

IMG_1214Since 1988, D.C.’s Library of Congress—the largest and most comprehensive ever on Earth—has chosen 25 films per year to add to their already amazing collection of 160 million books, recordings, maps, and photos.  Considering that 75 % of silent movies and 50% of movies produced between 1930—1950 have disappeared or been destroyed, such a National Film Registry meets the urgently important need to salvage as many as possible of the remaining significant films from the 12 decade history of the moving picture industry.

Lesser known and un-awarded film fare rank in the NFR ranks with the expected well-known award-winning classic masterpieces and fan-based popular box office hits.  All lengths (film fragments and short clips to feature length and way beyond), formats (live action, animation, CGI, documentary, experimental, newsreels, home movies), genres (musical, action, biopic, sports, horror, western, crime, war, epic, sci fi, romance, comedy), and technical aspects (black ‘n white/color, small screen/wide screen/3-D/Cinerama) are represented.  Whether professional or amateur, films relevant to the national character and essence of American and Americans are annually taken under careful advisement and consideration for inclusion.

Unbeknownst to most Americans is the easy opportunity they each have to participate in this important ongoing endeavor.  According to a top down protocol, the distinguished long time Librarian of Congress, James Hadley Billington, makes the eventual final decision about the films included.   Those prestigious selections are based on the recommendations by a 40-member panel of esteemed and well-versed  film critics, historians, scholars, and top-notch professionals in the movie-making industry.  But, prior to that the list of films annually considered is derived from those submitted by everyday members of the general public.

If you are one who cares to participate in such a worthy undertaking, Google: National Film Registry.  You will find simple concise guidelines for going about the now more than quarter-century process, including e-mail address for submission and comprehensive listing of the 625 films already chosen.  (In addition, feel welcome to contact me via this web-site for any additional assistance that may be needed—including suggestions of film titles long overdue for inclusion.)

Keeping in mind the need to represent all aspects of the population, you are encouraged to single out selections relevant in one way or another to the diverse but less than adequately recognized members of the LGBTQIA community.   The following (including a couple of  very special favorites from 1989 of mine) are a well-deserving though yet overlooked half-dozen such excellent examples that you may especially wish to bring to the attention of those working along with the Library of Congress:

feature film drama American Beauty—1999 satire featuring a disturbingly touching portrayal of a gay-bashing closeted homophobe caught up in the loneliness and monotony of upper middle-class American suburbia;

documentary Celluloid Closet—1995 survey to the depiction of homosexuals in early through (then) current Hollywood films;

documentary Common Threads: Story of the Quilt—1989 story of six people memorialized with panels in the AIDS quilt;

feature film drama Longtime Companion—1989 chronicle of several gay men during  the first year of the AIDS epidemic;

experimental short film Scorpio Rising—1964 exploration of gay/occult/Nazi/biker imagery with music rather than dialogue;

feature cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer—2001 satiric look at the interactions of Jewish summer camp counselors, including a wild same-sex kiss by then little known but now superstar Bradley Cooper.

Whether these or any other films for which you may personally have a cherished memory or particularly fond yen, make sure to go take care of the nomination procedure prior to this year’s September 01 deadline.  Then, look forward to the December announcement from the NFR for any of your film choices that may actually have made this year’s cut.  And, continue to do so in year’s to come, while all along spreading the word to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues who may likewise be inclined.

W.W. Spencer, NSB, FL  32169

11 Actress Lassies Who Never Married—just sayin’…!?!?!

(in alphabetical order)  Kristin Davis, Dana Delany, Cameron Diaz, Diane Keaton, Swoozie Kurtz,    Queen Latifah, Eva Mendes, Mary-Louise Parker, Winona Ryder, Charlize Theron, and Oprah Winfrey   

W.W. Spencer, NSB, FL  32169

16 Actor Dudes Who Never Married—go figure . . . ?!?!?

(in alphabetical order)  Adrien Brody, Billy Crudup, John Cusak, Benicio del Toro, Leonardo DiCaprio,

Matt Dillion, Hugh Grant, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hamm, Seth Macfarlane, Al Pacino, Matthew Perry,

Jeremy Piven, Alan Rickman, Kevin Spacey, and Owen Wilson    W.W. Spencer, NSB-side, FL  32169

Word Up 275 — New Church Family newsletter, July 9, 2014

NEW CHURCH FAMILY Weekly Newsletter, JULY 9 2014
3520 W. International Speedway Blvd. (US 92 at I-4), Daytona Beach 32124

TEL. 386-527- JUNE 15, 7:30 p.m. –
5952 E-mail: New Church
Rev. Susan B. Roth, pastor. Office hours –Tuesday, Thursdays 9-noon.
THIS SUNDAY –JULY 13 – WORSHIP & HOLY COMMUNION at 10 a.m., with Rev. Susan B. Roth preaching.
Our Praise Group will sing “This Is My Master’s House” If you’d like to hear the instrumental music in advance, go to

Genesis 2 5: 19-34; Isaiah 35:10-13; Psalm 65; Psalm 119: 105-11`2;
Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23; Romans 8:1-11
Continued prayers of healing for Teresa (spinal surgery), Cecelia (heart procedure and ankle fracture) Lill, abdominal surgery; and Betty, (skin graft for arm.)
Continued healing for Becki’s son Stephen, still recovering from multiple injuries in a highway crash in March. He is making progress in being able to put weight on a broken leg.
Condolences for Mark, who received word during Sunday’s service that his pet dog had died.
Chris asks God’s help for a merciful solution to the immigration wave of Central American mothers and youngsters seeking safety in Arizona and California. Strength for the front-line workers from Catholic Charities who are greeting and feeding the arrivals.
Thanksgiving for the safe return of Ron and Clarence after their visit to NY.
Safe travel for Anna, on a group tour of Italy.
Peace for Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.
Pam prays for animal welfare.
Continued prayers for amputee Jack.
Condolences for Rev. Emily Bel in Columbus, Ga. Her uncle has passed away.
NOTE: The Prayer Team stands ready to receive prayer requests throughout the week. Contact Dom or Diane. YOU ALSO CAN EMAIL YOUR REQUEST & UPDATES to, which Dom checks daily, or directly to the church phone – 386-527-5952.

SUNDAY SERMON RECAP JULY 6 “THE SECRETS OF A BEAUTIFUL FACE” — “Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.” We all know the opening lines of Katherine Lee Bates’ amazing poem. Her words call up the dramatic landscapes we can see on any cross-country journey. But Rev. Susan took us through the additional verses that teach us beauty is more than outward appearance. As we think about the many people we would label Great Americans, we can see many qualities that contribute to their beauty – a generous heart, self-control, willingness to sacrifice and eyes focused on a vision. In the same way, those qualities enhance the beauty of America. And our church, too. We love our building, but realistically, we know it will never dazzle people like a great cathedral. But our dream can be that we grow ever more Christ-like, welcoming all, fulfilling each other’s needs, providing a rock and a refuge. May God bless America and bless our church family.
NOTE: Rev. Susan’s full sermon is available on Facebook on the page of New Church Family of Daytona Beach (Group). The YouTube link for the video is

JULY 9 WED., 6:30 p.m. – LOGOS Bible Study led by Mark Bundy. A closer look at the Apostles. (FYI, LOGOS will be going on summer vacation in August.)
JULY 10, THURS., 11 a.m. – NCF Audio-Visual team meets at church to practice sound & projection skills while coach Bridget observes. Contact Bridget for more information.
JULY 10, THURS., 6:30 p.m. – OVER THE RIVER Social Group – Dinner at Olive Garden, Orange City.

JULY 11, FRIDAY, 7:30 p.m. to midnight – COME OUT & PARTY dance at CLUB 3520 (NCF building) on US 92, west of I-4. This BYOB event is open to all genders and orientations over 21. Invite some friends to have fun in a safe, smoke-free environment. Featuring music by Chris K. of KC Sound Express and dance contests testing your skill in the JITTERBUG and WOBBLE. Board games and card games also available (check the library closet).
JULY 11, Fri., 8:30 a.m. – TGIF COFFEE BREAK – Join your NCF pals for coffee and chitchat at Panera’s Bread, Port Orange. Anyone is welcome.

JULY 11, 7 p.m. – “INsideOUT” a FAREWELL RECEPTION for 3 Artists in Residence who have been working at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. The three include gay Latino poet Richard Blanco of Bethel, Maine (but who grew up in Miami,) sculptor-photographer Luis Gispert of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Yale-based composer Christopher Theofanidis. The public will have an opportunity to meet the artists and sample their work. Blanco drew national attention in 2013 when he was selected to compose and recite a poem at President Obama’s second Inauguration. One of his more recent poetry collections is “Looking for The Gulf Motel” It examines the blurred lines of gender, the frailty of his father-son relationship, and the intersection of his cultural and sexual identities as a Cuban-American gay man living in rural Maine. Free. Joan James Harris Theater and the artists’ on-campus studios, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach.

JULY 14, 2 p.m.—SCREENING of “Still Mine.” A deeply affecting story about one man’s determination to create a home for his ailing wife as they enter their twilight years. Based on actual events. Genevieve Bujold, James Cromwell, and Campbell Scott star. Port Orange Library. Free.
JULY 15, Tues., 7 p.m. – RAINBOW LEAGUE GLBT-friendly bowling at Bellair Lanes, SR A1A, Daytona Beach.
JULY 21, 2 p.m. SCREENING of “Winter’s Tale.” Colin Farrell stars in this romantic drama adapted from the novel by Mark Helprin. The film centers on the relationship between a thief and a dying woman. Co-stars Russell Crowe, William Hurt, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly, and Eva Marie. Port Orange Library. Free.
JULY 16 and 23 – The WORD UP church newsletter will be on vacation for these 2 Wednesdays. Any urgent announcements will be on the Facebook page of New Church Family of Daytona Beach (Group.)


Runway Movies Strike a Pose

While costume design has always played an integral part in the movie industry, movies about the fashion industry have come into particular vogue during the past half-dozen years.  Coco Before Chanel depicts the French fashionista during Nazi-occupied France; Bill Cunningham New York trails the New York Times photographer pedaling around the Big Apple as he pictures street garb; The Eye Has to Travel and The September Issue follow the in’s ‘n out’s of magazine editors Diana Vreeland and Anna Wintour putting together fashion magazines; (gay)Valentino: The Last Emperor documents such extravagances as Italian designer’s pampered dogs nonchalantly draped in diamonds; Ultrasuede: In Search of (gay)Halston reveals the naughty days of Studio 54; and, no less than three films—L’Amour Fou, (gay)Yves St. Laurent, Saint Laurent—show the druggy, debauched lifetime of good looking couture from shy nervous youth through reclusive old man along, along with his business and life partner.

W.W. Spencer, NSB-side, FL 32169

Rainbow Alliance awards 3 scholarships

Two graduate students and a freshman have received Ralph D Smith Memorial Scholarships for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students at area colleges.

Trince McNally, 27, of Bethune-Cookman University, received the top award, $1000. Austin Stanley, planning to attend the University of Central Florida, and Christopher Funk, taking pre-med courses at Daytona State, each received $500.
The annual grants were awarded by the Volusia-Flager Rainbow Alliance, which has operated the scholarship program for five years. The alliance announced the awards on June 29 after receiving nominations from a panel of retired educators.

Trinice, who is pursuing a master’s degree in transformative leadership at Cookman, helped organize Standing in Your Truth, a gay straight alliance. She serves as the organization’s adviser. She also provides counseling to the school’s “It Gets Better” group.
Austin, 18, graduated from Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, and is starting studies at UCF. A trombone player, he was captain of his high school’s symphonic and marching bands. He also has been a peer counselor to fellow students struggling with orientation problems.
Chris, a 26-year-old Daytona State graduate in Port Orange, continues post-grad work at DSC to prepare for a medical graduate program. He heads a campus chapter of the American Medical Association and leads the GLBT Community Center in New Smyrna Beach.

The Rainbow Alliance also distributes small matching grants to help other organizations do outreach to the GLBT community. This year’s grants, so far, include a $300 donation to the 2014 Volusia Pride festival, scheduled for Oct 25 in New Smyrna Beach, and $200 used for the Kaleidoscope Gay-Straight Prom at Stetson University.

The scholarships honor the late Ralph D. Smith, an attorney who did volunteer work for Stonewall Democrats and other gay organizations in Daytona Beach. His relatives in Washington, D.C., and Maine continue generous support of the program.
The Alliance is a nonprofit coalition open to anyone interested in local GLBT solidarity and equality. Board members are Rev. Susan Roth, Tom Brown, Paul Edson, Russ Van Allen and Roxanne Williams. It meets quarterly at New Church Family in Daytona Beach. Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to Volusia-Flagler Rainbow Alliance, PO Box 1936, Daytona Beach FL. 32115. Information: 386-527-5952.

Word Up 274 New Church Family newsletter July 2, 2014

NEW CHURCH FAMILY Weekly Newsletter, JULY 2 2014
520 W. International Speedway Blvd. (US 92 at I-4), Daytona Beach 32124
TEL. 386-527-5952 E-mail: New Church
Rev. Susan B. Roth, pastor. Office hours –Tuesday, Thursdays 9-noon.

THIS SUNDAY –JULY 6 – WORSHIP & HOLY COMMUNION at 10 a.m., with Rev. Susan B. Roth preaching. After service, we will have our POTLUCK PICNIC, starting 11:30 a.m. REMINDER –We will have our monthly special collection for our Benevolence Fund, which helps people with financial emergencies. Your spare change or dollars are greatly appreciated for this important ministry.
> NOTE: Our picnic will be FREE of charge.
We have dropped plans to collect donations.
> Here is the picnic sign-up list. (If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, bottled water, juice or soda is always useful):
> Hamburger buns-Becki, Danah, John R
> Hot dog buns-Carol and Martha
> Beans-Loretta and Larry
> Coleslaw- CJ Jerry C
> Mac salad-Linda Williams, Charlotte and Pam
> Veggie Burgers- Dennis and Peter
> Potato Salad- Diane W.Rashiki and Isaac, Sylvia, Zack and Trey
> Chips- Pat Dameron, Abby
> Pickles- Nancy T
> Green bean salsa – Jeanne Weston
> Onions-2-Keith and Lloyd
> Dessert- Deb, Betty Nation
> Fruit- Kitty and Linda, Susan
> Our new choral group will sing “MANSION OVER THE HILL.” If you’d like to hear the instrumental music in advance, go to
> Genesis 24: 34-57, Psalm 45:10–17 or Song of Solomon 2:8 –13
> Zechariah 9:9–12 or Psalm 145:8–14
> Romans 7:15–25; Matthew 11:16–19, 25–30
> Rapid recovery for Teresa’s spinal surgery. Also, continued healing from surgeries performed on Lill, Cecilia, and Jerry. Cecila also broke an ankle.
> Thanksgiving Betty is home after a lengthy infection caused by a dog scratch. Prayers for a successful skin graft on her arm today.
> Continued healing for Becki’s son Stephen, still recovering at home from a traffic crash.
> Thanksgiving that Mark’s PET scan for a spot on his lung turned out favorably
> Lloyd is thankful for his 18 years of togetherness with Keith
> Abby prays a cousin has a successful maternity.
> Thanksgiving for a reunion with Lori and Kathy, visiting from Jensen Beach. They attended our church years ago when it met in Ormond.
> Safe travel for our snowbird members traveling the interstates. Frank & Jerry plan to leave for Ontario this week.
> Also safe travel for Linda Mc, making a trip to and from the Keys, and for Anna, leaving for an 11-day tour of Italy.
> Peace for Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.
> May the Holy Spirit guide a Miami judge hearing a lawsuit today that challenges Florida’s law against same-sex marriage.
> Pam prays for animal welfare. Thanksgiving her children have obtained housing.
> CJ is thankful for having found a second job with a trainer at the Kennel Club.
> For amputee Jack, still hospitalized after 2 months and now dealing with clogged arteries.
> Anna asks prayers for her friend Michelle in Palm Coast
> Prayers for a friend who died of alcohol poisoning in West Virginia
> Healing for Edward C.
> Thanksgiving that Bob and Alan have found a new mobile home in DeLand Prayers as they deal with tight finances.
> NOTE: The Prayer Team stands ready to receive prayer requests throughout the week. Contact Dom or Diane. YOU ALSO CAN EMAIL YOUR REQUEST & UPDATES to, which Dom checks daily, or directly to the church phone – 386-527-5952.
> SUNDAY SERMON RECAP JUNE 29 — ACT RANDOMLY WITH LOVE – A video showed school kids defining “love.” We know it can take many forms, and perhaps the ones we remember the longest are the unexpected acts of kindness. The Good Samaritan parable gives us the prime example, but there are many smaller versions of that outreach that we can perform every day. Controlling our tongue is always a challenge. Making a snappy comeback (“dishing”) is a prized talent within the GLBT community, but there is always a danger our quips might unintentionally wound someone. Better to joke about yourself than others. As we go about our daily business, how often do we make a friendly comment to a stranger? So much easier to bury our head in a smart phone. Years ago, Boy Scouts were expected to help old people and disabled people cross a street. When was the last time you witnessed someone doing that favor? Why not vow to do at least one random act a day? In time, it will become a habit and besides helping someone else it build your own sense of well-being.
> NOTE: Rev. Susan’s full sermon is available on Facebook on the page of New Church Family of Daytona Beach (Group). The YouTube link for the video is:
> JULY 2 WED., 6:30 p.m. – LOGOS Bible Study wraps up its study of the early church with a look at Paul’s last missionary journey. Led by Mark Bundy. The next phase of Bible study will be a closer look at the disciples. Some are well-known, others receive just passing mention in the Bible.
> JULY 2, WED, 7:30 pm. – GAY LATINO POET RICHARD BLANCO of Miami recites some of his latest work at the Deltona Public Library. Blanco composed a poem for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. Another chance to meet him will be JULY 11, 7 p.m., at a free reception at the Atlantic Center of the Arts in New Smyrna.
> JULY 2, WED. 5-8 p.m – RACING HISTORY NIGHT at Halifax Historical Museum, 252 S. Beach St., Daytona. Panel discussion featuring Vicki Wood, Russ Truelove and other retired race drivers, plus screening of “Hoppin’ Rattlesnakes,” a documentary about beach racing from 1905 to 1958. Admission $8-10. RSVE 244-6976.
> JULY 8 – RAINBOW LEAGUE GLBT Friendly BOWLING NIGHT at Bellair Lanes, Daytona Beach. $12 includes pizza and pitcher of beverage for each team.

So far, So good—outstanding movies of the first half of the year

Midway through 2014, there are a mere trio of movies considered the English-speaking/non-sequel franchise best.  Each eccentric, they are each for audiences with decidedly quirky tastes.  As available during this summer, see them at your own risk.

Grand Budapest Hotel is an emotionally thoughtful, witty but sad mystery adventure set in a famous elegantly stylish European hotel with upper-crust guests between WWI and WWII.  Lanky Oscar-winning polyamorous English/Scotch actress Tilda Swinton is hardly recognizable as a wealthy dowager who’s particularly fond of the clever concierge.

Lego Movie is a hilarious adventure comedy pitting an average good guy against a powerful evil tyrant.  Everything is in 3-D computer-animation with voices by such stars as Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman.  Appealing both to children and adults, a sequel is already in the making.

Title character Locke takes a two hour drive during which he relentlessly tries to salvage his unraveling life.  As the only person on screen for the entire time, hot English bi-actor, Tom Hardy, gives a stunning award-worthy performance.

—W.W. Spencer, NSB-side, FL  32169

Summertime GLBT Calendar

Here is a brief list of local GLBT public events coming up this summer. Feel free to add information for your organization or business:

JULY 5, SAT., noon to 9:30 p.m. – GLBT FAMILY OUTFEST RALLY at Lake Ivanhoe, Orlando. Help spread information and support about marriage equality and other issues affecting same-gender couples. Volunteers are needed for 3 hour shifts by Equality Florida. Gaston Edwards Park, 136 N. Orange Ave., Orlando. Go to

JULY 6, SUNDAY: 11:30 a.m. — FOURTH of JULY POTLUCK PICNIC — New Church Family will supply the grill meat; please bring a side dish. Open to the public, rain or shine. Free. New Church Family grounds, 3520 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach.

JULY 7, MONDAY, 6 p.m. — VOLUSIA PRIDE First Monday planning meeting, 2090 Office-Warehouse Center, AA Building 2090 S. Nova Road (near Big Tree intersection) South Daytona.

JULY 11, FRIDAY, 7:30-midnight — COME OUT & PARTY at CLUB 3520 — A BYOB dance party for over-21 people at the New Church Family building, 3520 W. ISB, Daytona Beach. Music by Chris of KC Sound Express. Dance contests for jitterbug and wobble. All genders and orientations welcome. $5 donation.

JULY 11, FRIDAY, 7 p.m. — FAREWELL RECEPTION AT ATLANTIC CENTER for the ARTS for 3 artists-in-residence. Among the three is gay Latino poet Richard Blanco, who grew up in Miami but now lives in Maine. His 2012 collection of poetry “Looking for the Gulf Motel” touches on his experiences as a gay man in a rural area, and his fragile relationship with his father. Blanco drew national attention in 2013 with a poety reading at the Presidential Inauguration. Others to be honored are sculptor-photographar Luis Gispert of Brooklyn N.Y. and Yale-based composer Christopher Theofanidis.

JULY 13, SUNDAY, 2-5 p.m. — WEST VOLUSIA MONTHLY TEA DANCES start at the OUTPost Saloon, 5115 N. Hwy 17, DeLeon Springs.

JULY 30, 6:30 p.m. — EQUALITY FLORIDA CONNECTION MIXER at Garbo’s Lounge, U.S. 1, South Daytona. Learn about the struggle for GLBT equality in Florida from the state’s largest gay advocacy group. Free.

AUG. 8, FRI., 7:30 to midnight — COME OUT & PARTY at CLUB 3520 (NCF Building), Dance party for over-21 adults. BYOB (please drink responsibly). $5 donation. Deejay Chris of KC SoundExpress presents your favorite tunes. 3520 W. ISB (US 92) near I-4 ramps, Daytona Beach.


TUESDAYS, 7 p.m. — RAINBOW BOWLING LEAGUE meets for bowling, pizza and beverages at Bellair Lanes, Bellair Plaza, Daytona Beach.

WEDNESDAYS — LOGOS BIBLE STUDY 6:30 p.m. at New Church Family, led by Mark Bundy. Topics: Early church history; Exploring the disciples. Bring your favorite Bible. These sessions are open to the public. You don’t have to be a member of New Church Family or any other church to take part. Free. Details: Mark, 386-547-1019.

FRIDAYS, 8:30 a.m. — TGIF COFFEE BREAK — Join New Church Family members and their friends for informal chitchat. Panera Bread (rear of restaurant), Dunlawton Avenue, next to Target, Port Orange. Anyone is welcome.

(Information: Tom Brown, A listing of area nightclubs and their hours can be found on the Calendar page of Click on the Calendar tab at the top of this page.)

Word Up 273 New Church Family newsletter June 25, 2014

NEW CHURCH FAMILY Weekly Newsletter, JUNE 25, 2014
3520 W. International Speedway Blvd. (US 92 at I-4), Daytona Beach 32124
TEL. 386-527-5292

E-mail: New Church
Rev. Susan B. Roth, pastor. Office hours –Tuesday, Thursdays 9-noon.
THIS SUNDAY –JUNE 29 at 10 a.m. – WORSHIP & HOLY COMMUNION at 10 a.m., with Rev. Susan B. Roth preaching.
Our new choral group will sing Lamb of God.” For a preview of the instrumental version, go to
Genesis 22:1–14 or Jeremiah 28:; Psalm 13 or Psalm 89:1–4, 15–18
Romans 6:12–23; Matthew 10:40–42

Healing for Teresa’s spinal pain. She is scheduled for surgery on Thursday (June 26). Also healing for her German shepherd Jiro, who was accidentally struck by a motorcycle. He is recuperating with 40 staples binding him up.
Continued healing for Lill, Cecilia, Becki’s son Stephen; LeAnne, Betty, Jerry, Sylvia and Anna.
Thanksgiving that Mark’s PET scan test for a spot on his lung turned out favorably
Thanksgiving for our first time visitors – Chris & Gailynn, Carol & Martha; Betty N. & Linda W.
Thanksgiving for the commitment of Damaris E., who was welcomed into NCF membership on Sunday.
Safe travel for our snowbird members heading to New England and Canada. The latest to head out are John and David, and Paul and Kathy. Frank & Jerry will be leaving soon.
Peace for Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.
Pam prays for those doing animal rescue work and equine therapy (the Horse Sisters in Brevard County).
For Pat Hines
Thanksgiving for 4 visitors who just moved here from Fort Myers.
Healing for Randa in the hospital
Thanksgiving that Bob and Alan in DeLand have found a rental in Deland.
Safe travel for Kitty and her daughter
For housing needs of Chris and Frank in Pam’s family
NOTE: The Prayer Team stands ready to receive prayer requests throughout the week. Contact Dom or Diane. YOU ALSO CAN EMAIL YOUR REQUEST & UPDATES to, which Dom checks daily, or directly to the church phone – 386-527-5952.

SUNDAY SERMON RECAP JUNE 22 — The VALUE OF CHANGE — Rev. Susan showed us a brief video highlighting how the Internet has changed our daily life in just a few years. YouTube now racks up more than 1 billion views of its videos each day. And more than 1 billion times a day, people use Google to find the answer to something. Do we, as a church, turn our backs on this technology, or do we jump right in and try to harness it for a greater good? If we ignore the Internet we risk becoming part of the 85 percent of churches who are losing members. That’s why we are trying our best to make sure our church is easy to find on Facebook and our sermons can be pulled up on a computer screen at any time. But one thing a computer can’t offer is the personal touch. Even a webcam and a chat room are not the same as reaching out and hugging a human and carrying on a conversation in person. So we will continue with our wonderful traditions that have served us well for decades, such as “prayers of the people.” We will still sing traditional hymns as well as the modern ones. We will still read and discuss scriptures that go back 2000 to 3000 years. We can rest secure knowing that God does not change but constantly helps lead us through changes in our personal lives and our life as a church.
NOTE: Rev. Susan’s full sermon is available on Facebook on the page of New Church Family of Daytona Beach (Group). The YouTube link for the video is:

JUNE 25 WED., 6:30 p.m. – LOGOS Bible Study continues its study of Apostle Paul and the early church. Acts Chapters 19 to 21. Led by Mark Bundy. NOTE: If you are using the Mears study guide and want to keep a copy for your personal use, please consider a donation to help defray the church’s costs. We suggest $2 for a softcover and $3 for a hardcover.
JUNE 25 WED. – LAUGHTER WORKSHOP – Led by mental health counselor Diana Trask. Participants will learn laughter exercises, simple ways to create a positive mood, and facts about the physical benefits of laughter . . Refreshments will be served. City Island Library, Daytona. Free.
JUNE 26, THURS., 6:30 p.m. — DIXIELAND MUSIC by Vivacity – Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach (If rain, Brannon Center.) Free.
JUNE 27, FRI., 7-9 p.m. – DAYTONA BANDSHELL CONCERT – Free rock concert concert by Nickoloff and Joey Miller.
JUNE 27, FRI., 8:30 a.m. – TGIF COFFEE BREAK — NCF folks gather for chitchat at Panera’s Bread, Port Orange (next to Target). Anyone is welcome.
JUNE 27, FRI., dusk – OUTDOOR SCREENING of “Philomena” starring British actress Judi Dench. True story of an Irish girl who gets pregnant out of wedlock and is sent off to a convent to have her baby and work in the convent laundry. Decades after the nuns sell her boy to a rich American couple, Philomena teams up with a journalist to go to the U.S. to find her son. Riverfront Park, S. Beach St., downtown Daytona Part of the FRIDAY Gathering.
JUNE 28, SAT., 7-9:30 p.m. – DAYTONA BANDSHELL CONCERT – “LET IT BE” BEATLES TRIBUTE SHOW, followed by fireworks over the ocean.

JULY 1 – RAINBOW LEAGUE GLBT Friendly BOWLING NIGHT at Bellair Lanes, Daytona Beach. $12 includes pizza and pitcher of beverage for each team.